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Those numbers roughly translate as follows: The last thing to take into consideration is your overarm measurements.

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Others will shine sometimes literally on the dance floor at a wedding, yet earn you an uncomfortable meeting with your boss. When deciding on a suit style , take the following three factors into consideration: There are three main cuts available, each suited for different body types and settings.

Although there are too many suit colors to cover, a few broad guidelines can help clarify what will work best for your situation: The little details are what make your suit your own. When customizing, take these factors into consideration: Along with the suit material itself, take the weight of the cloth into consideration.

Referring to the weight in ounces of one square yard of the fabric, this number indicates how warm the suit is, and how it will hang. Here are a few basic guidelines for choosing a suit based on fabric: There are very few scenarios in which you can get away with wearing a suit and nothing else.

What to Know When You’re Buying a Suit

Reuben writes about whiskey at work and drinks it at home. He also writes and edits the arts magazine Sixty Inches From Center.


Main menu Open search menu. Reuben Westmaas Mar 3, The Fit There are three main cuts available, each suited for different body types and settings. That, and being your boss. Get back to work. Blue or pastel shirts can work as well, and a black shirt makes a dramatic statement. Dark Gray Dark gray is a great choice for everyday wear and is versatile enough for almost any color combination.

Light Gray Another solid choice for an everyday suit, light-gray fabric can make the colors of your shirt and accessories pop.

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That means even pastel colors can stand out. Beige Choose beige for a party, especially an outdoor party in spring or summer.

Steer clear of warm-colored shirts—blue is probably best. Blue Navy blue works well for the office while brighter blues are a little more playful. For a shirt, try white, light pink, or a colorful pattern. The Details The little details are what make your suit your own. Single-breasted is more understated and leaves room for expression in other ways. Lapels Notched lapels look the most professional.