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Last updated: About Facebook advertising coupons An advertising coupon is a form of payment for your Facebook ads. You can receive a coupon from Facebook in two ways: Through periodic in-product promotions or through facebookmail. Whether you're using an advertising coupon or another payment method, the total billable value of clicks or impressions in a Facebook billable day will never exceed your daily budget. Set a campaign spending limit. This is the maximum amount that you're willing to spend on a given advertising campaign.

Set an account spending limit.

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This is a maximum amount that your ad account can spend over its lifetime across all the campaigns that it's running. Was this information helpful? About direct debit. Activate a Facebook advertising coupon. Manage your payment methods for Facebook ads.

Everything You Need to Know about Promotional Codes

What to do if your online banking account wasn't accepted as a payment method for Facebook ads. Can I pay for multiple advertising campaigns with different payment methods? Overview Manage your payment options Payment options Multiple payment methods. About advertising coupons Activate a coupon Check the value of your coupon. About direct debit Countries that support direct debit Direct debit charges on your bank statement Add your bank account Remove your bank account. About manual payments Automatic vs manual payments Accepted manual payment methods Set up ad account for manual payments Add money to your balance Balance increases on your account.

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What’s the difference between discount coupons and promotional codes?

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Facebook Blueprint. Facebook for Developers. Facebook IQ. Facebook Marketing Partners. Instagram Business. Visit our Facebook Page. Facebook promotions that perform the best are from brands that are getting increasingly more ambitious and sophisticated when coming up with new and creative ways to engage consumers across social media platforms and influencing their path to purchase through the use of coupons and vouchers.

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In order to have your campaign stand out and be engaging, try to be creative in how you present and promote it. For instance, a great coupon campaign should have a creative and attractive imagery to go with it. Colors should pop and text should be placed at the appropriate angle for ease of viewing. Throughout the duration of your campaign, you need to keep reminding your followers about the limited time frame on the availability and bargain of the coupon.

Images and text updates should be created and scheduled for publication on the Facebook page, which will constantly remind your audience of your offer and how to use it. Each image and text update should have elements of urgency forcing your customers to act immediately or lose the coupon offer. A one-second delay in page load can possibly result in a 7 percent reduction in conversions. Your pop-ups should be stripped to the basics, requiring only the information you need for lead generation. Take the time to study different campaign strategy to find out which one works best for you.