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Colosseum How will you fare in the Player vs Player Colosseum? Fan Media Screenshots, fan-made videos, wallpapers, signatures; you are only limited by your own creativity! Party Recruitment Recruit nests, raids or regular party members here! Dragon Nest INA - Everyone is pretty much policy ideas aimed at not dn sea darkness coupon my frustration. Rise up to the next level of power as the battle against the darkness intensifies!

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Is there any easy way to get the "Darkness Exchange Coupon" in Dragon Nest

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Travel money with the exchange experts. Miracle Magician Able to call forth a large shard of ice. Legendary Magician Able to call forth a focused meteor shower. Mysterious Ancient Phoru Able to breathe fire that has very long range.


Blazing Ancient Phoru Able to breathe green fire that has very long range. Frenzied Ancient Phoru Able to breathe green fire that has significant range. Light Taranvash Able to call forth a blast of lightning in one spot. Flash Taranvash Able to call forth four strikes of lightning.

Luminant Taranvash Able to call forth a lightning shower.

Black Desert Online Weapon Exchange Coupon Guide

Cold Snap Berthe Able to shoot a laser. Frozen Claw Berthe Able to shoot a laser. Will inflict Frostbite , but with a longer duration. Deep Abyss Berthe Able to shoot a laser. Will freeze targets that are hit. Soul Knight Durahan Able to summon a wave of 4 swords from the ground. Demon Knight Durahan Able to summon a wave of 6 swords from the ground.

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Blue Flame Durahan Able to summon a wave of 8 swords from the ground. Shadow Master Able to throw a shadow grenade. The shadow grenade will bounce forward and cause damage when touched. Abyss Shadow Master Able to create a shadow of himself that will push targets back.

Gates of Darkness (Season 3) - ElWiki

Destruction Shadow Master Able to call forth a shadow meteorite shower that will push targets back. Short 1 Lv. Will hit up to only one target. Long 1 Lv. Will also damage nearby targets.

Special Attacker Attack Power: Special Spirit Attack Power: Special Flying Attack Power: Flight 2 Lv. Cannot heal Players or NPCs. Special Healer Attack Power: Special Self-Destruct Attack Power: Self-Destruct 1 Lv. Slow 3 Lv. Tree of El White Mist Swamp Suburbs of Wally's Castle Bethma Lake Night The Black Crow Transporting Tunnel B Shrine of Dedication Entrance The Heart of Spire Altar of Dedication Residential Area 3 Burning Hope Bridge Commercial Area 1 Heart of the Ancient Waterway Temple of Frozen Water Halls of Water Caluso Tribal Village Heart of Behemoth Ash Covered Village Volcanic Flame Entrance Collapsing Temple of Fire Chasm of the Divided Land Atlas Territory Elysion Tower Elysion Territory Halted Sun's Memory Hall of El Water Dragon Sanctum El Tower Defense Forgotten Elrian Sanctum Labyrinth of Ruin Dark Elves' Outpost Forsaken Spirit Asylum Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Crimson Cradle of Flames Outer Edge of Black Forest L East Lurensia Port L Eye of the Storm L Road to Lord's Keep L Top Floor of Lord's Keep L