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Additional offers and coupons from Airsoft Club can be found on their social media pages and are coming soon to Coupons. Pyramyd AIR Coupon. Crosman Coupons. Airsoft Megastore Coupons. AirsoftRC Coupons. Airsoft GI Coupons. Shorty USA Coupons. Airgundepot Coupon. Airsplat Coupons. Hit Guns Coupons. Fox Airsoft Coupons. Paintball Discounters Coupons.

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Midwayusa Coupon. Sportsmans Guide Coupon. Eastern Mountain Sports Coupon. Backcountry Coupon. Dunhams Sporting Goods Coupons. Moosejaw promo codes. Lasers also help find a target without looking down the gun. Flashlights are a must if you are playing at night. Reviews are a must when choosing an airsoft gun or accessory. When looking at a gun, i recommend you look at the reviews on the website and on youtube.

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My favorite youtube reviewer is username: Avoid unreviewed guns unless from a well known brand. In a perfect world, you would have an airsoft retailer down the street from you. But you probably don't. They are crap. Crosman is a crappy brand except for sidearms. DO not use as a primary.

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These are made by a brand called Cybergun. It is crap. For online retailers, i reccommend AirsoftGI. Evike is also fine. I like airsoftGI because they have good reviews, videos about most of there guns, lots of info, and moderate prices. Evike is good, but less informative and harder to navigate.

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These will rip you off, and in some cases, have sent a used gun to people paying for a new one. Hobbytron sells cheap guns that break easily. GEDs are things such as claymores, grenades,and smoke grenades. They will throw BBs or release smoke. Smoke grenades are good to cover movements by blocking the enemy's view.

Cheap ammo can ruin your gun! It can break in the gun, jamming the barrel and stripping the piston. Buy ammo from your field or buy high quality ammo like King Arms. I use.

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I use biodegradable ones. The heavier the ammo, the more accurate, but at the price of downgraded speed and range. For AEGs,. Heavier weight BBs are generally for snipers. Unjam it. Okay, so in airsoft, one of the main things is being honest. By that i mean that i mean that airsoft is a game of honesty. Unlike paintball, if you get hit, others can't tell.


So call your hits, even if you want to still stay in the game. Second, stay behind cover. I mean that you want to expose as little part of your body as possible.

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Rule 3 is do not go on the defensive. Offense will kick you to kingdom come. You want to continually move forward and also move between cover. Rule 4, don't have more than two people hiding behind one cover. My friends decided to hide behind one wooden thing in a battle. It was not their fault, because there was grass behind them, giving them a false sense of security. But you are never safe on the battlefield. Them and only two others enemies were left, and they were watching everywhere but behind them.

The two people snuck through the grass behind them and full autoed their butts. The pic of my three friends is above. Another thing is try to stay with a teammate. If you are being a gunner, you won't need one, or if you are hiding in wait, but if you are in a firefight, you want a teammate. He will be the one to save your butt from the flankers on the other team.

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Also, flanking is almost always the way to go. Going through the middle is the way to get shot from three sides at once. Go through the sides. Also, if you see an enemy coming towards you, do not get out of cover until they are in range. A good distance for most AEGs is about feet.

How to Choose the Right Airsoft Gun and Simple Game Advice and Tactics

Basically, i leave my gun on semi to conserve ammo, unless i see an enemy and he doesn't see me. Then i switch to full auto in order to make sure i don't miss. If you are using a high cap mag, i generally leave it on full auto, but shoot conservatively. So, Good luck! For questions, please email me at maverick cardencottage. If you guys would like any personal advice on what kind of airsoft gun to get, feel free to email me at maverick cardencottage.

Heard of simplyairsoft.

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You can find a cheap and reliable set-up that would suit your needs! Im new 2 airsoft and need a nice durable, accurate, reliable pistol that can work in the unpredictable Scottish weather. Doesn't mean they're modern. You shoulda said guns that are still in active service or other guns such as Thompsons, because they're still very much old. How can you call m16s and AKs modern rifles? They're both over 50 years old, and the Thompson and AK are not very far apart in age. Reply 4 years ago. Simply because they are still in active service.

A could be considered modern even though if is older then say a mosin nagant simply because it is still in select service wheras a mosin is not. Hey I don't know if you check your comments but Ive decided to create a DIY Airsoft gun, the gun will basically consist of PVC pressurized tubing and a cloud magazine, I may put a extra pressurized zone if I feel like it, but onto another topic, none of my friends play Airsoft.

We are thinking about getting together in the summer or spring to have miniature skirmishes but what's the best way to get a group of people and how many people is recommended? In total.