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Baseball Batting Cage Synthetic turf has made it possible to practice baseball all year round. Indoor pitching facilities, batting cages, and complete indoor baseball fields make the bad weather a non-issue. Private Putting Green Many people are choosing to install a backyard putting green.

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This is a great choice to save money on golf fees and water bills. The best part is that they get to spend their time golfing instead of doing yard work! Artificial Grass for Dogs Pet friendly K9 grass is a great solution for any pet facility, dog run, or backyard.

Fake grass for dogs is a way to keep the yard always looking great. Say goodbye to those nasty looking yellow spots all over the grass and say hello to dog synthetic grass. This keeps the cost down to you. Where does it come from? Make A Difference Used field turf is making artificial grass available at affordable prices. This lower price point gives more organization, schools, and municipalities the opportunity to install artificial turf. For instance, where as it may have been cost prohibitive to install artificial turf, these organizations have found used artificial turf to work more within their budgetary constraints.

And when grass dies and needs to be reseeded, it must be watered even more and with greater frequency.

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Overall, buying wholesale artificial turf will save you money by increasing the durability of your outdoor living space. Artificial turf stays green and fresh forever, so you will have years of truly enjoying your yard and outdoor living space. Instead of working to ensure that everything is and stays alive, you can install artificial turf once and then reap the benefits of your upgrade. Buying your turf wholesale, using remnant pieces, and installing it yourself can minimize the impact on your wallet while still affording maximum impact on the beauty of your home and lawn.

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The Cost of Artificial Turf: Cost of Artificial Turf for Playgrounds. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile. Toggle SlidingBar Area. View Larger Image. The Cost of Cheap Artificial Turf Want to update your landscaping in a way that saves you money year after year?

Buy Your Turf Wholesale It may be tempting to simply hire a local landscaping company to deliver and install your new artificial lawn, but you may be unnecessarily overpaying if you do.

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Install Your Turf Yourself Another great way to drive down the costs of your new artificial grass is to install it yourself. Buy Remnant Pieces Another great way to save money is to purchase smaller recycled pieces of artificial grass. And when And when grass dies and needs to be reseeded, it must be watered even more and with greater frequency.

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Lower Your Maintenance and Replanting Costs Artificial turf will also lower your overall maintenance cost. Increase the Durability of Your Yard and Outdoor Space Overall, buying wholesale artificial turf will save you money by increasing the durability of your outdoor living space. Please Note: All figures discussed in this example are based on Southern California Pricing and will need to be adjusted based on your geographical location.

If you are interested in learning about the cost of artificial grass for your specific project, use our artificial grass cost calculator. For information about pavers to accentuate your artificial grass, learn about the cost of installing pavers. The short answer is that the cost of installing artificial grass in your home depends on a number of factors.

Beware of any price below that since there will be shortcuts taken. There are a number of materials that go into a synthetic turf installation.

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The following are the items to expect for any project:. There are many different styles of synthetic lawn to choose from. Whether that is pet turf, a putting green, athletic turf, or the most popular choice, landscaping turf. Landscaping turf can have thick blades, thin blades, tall blades, short blades, brown thatching to resemble dead grass to green thatching, and more. Today, we will be focusing on medium to high-grade synthetic turf for the pricing guide.

This is by far the most popular selection among homeowners when presented with all other options. This price depends on the manufacturer and style you choose. Keep in mind that you will have to account for waste when ordering the material, due to the different sizes or shapes of projects. Pie-shaped yards will have more waste than a rectangular yard, since the turf is rolled out like carpet and comes in foot widths. Class II road base is a material made of a mixture of crushed rocks in different sizes.

This is installed as a base surface to provide stability for the artificial grass above. Pricing of class II road base will vary depending on your specific location. To prevent any sort of weeds from growing through your newly installed artificial grass lawn, weed barrier fabric should be included. Since this price guide is for 1, square feet, one roll is more than enough.

Bender board is important since it will separate your lawn from other areas of your landscape. Bender board or poly board is used to separate the artificial lawn from other softscape areas.