What does limit one coupon per purchase per customer mean

First, couponers started buying multiple newspapers and using multiple devices to print extra coupons. And instead of incentivizing a purchase, manufacturers found themselves subsidizing your stockpile. There will be little incentive, after all, to buy or sell or steal coupons en masse, if you can only use one of them at a time. Besides, most digital coupons are one-time use.

That makes them unpopular among serious couponers, but most other shoppers seem accepting of that limit.

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

So they might not bat an eye if the same limit is applied to paper coupons. And, up until recently, coupon limits were relatively unenforceable, unless you got a cashier who really scrutinized the fine print on each and every coupon. So what was really going to stop you from using more than one, two or four of the same coupon, regardless of what the coupon said? Now, however, retailers can enforce the limits.

How To Read Coupons: A Basic Breakdown

Many have programmed their point-of-sale systems to recognize and reject coupons that exceed their limits. Meijer recently reduced its like-coupon limit to just two , and programmed its systems accordingly — so no more sneaking extra coupons past inattentive cashiers or through self-checkout. Before imposing the one-coupon limit, 3M naively assumed it could offer a PDF coupon and shoppers would actually use just one.

I am cashier at a retail store and I am glad this was put in place.

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

Some lady just the other day tried buying 12 packs of Tide Pods with 12 coupons. Hopefully sooner than later, coupons will be all digital and less paper. This really sucks because I shop for a family of 10…soon to be You seriously think his will stop extreme couponers!?. Girl, keep using as many coupons as you want. Your email address will not be published.

Coupon Fine Print

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You may also like: Only use one manufacturer coupon per item. It reinforces the point that you may not use two of the exact same coupon for one item.

A Brief History of Coupons

There is a huge difference!! I find it so annoying when cashiers refuse to honor coupons as they are written and according to the store's own written coupon policy. Especially when the cashier in the next line is honoring another customer's coupons.

According to Target policy and the terms of the coupons themselves, if I buy 3 packages of cookies, I should be allowed to use 3 coupons for cookies in the same transaction. Please get this straight. Everything in my cart is a transaction, the one package of cookies is the "purchase" referred to on the coupon.

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Your policy allows 4 identical coupons per household, per day. The "unless otherwise noted on coupon" portion of your policy would require the coupon to state something like "one coupon per day," "one coupon per person," or "one coupon per transaction" in order for you to refuse to take more than one of the same coupon. Please, please, please educate your staff!!!