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I could not find any using my google-fu. I ran across a post someone made saying that PSA posted in another forum that there are not any coupon codes out right now but I can't verify that. You got it, thanks. I haven't found any either. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I bought an entire M4 from them and got a box with an M4 in it. That was it. I'm guessing a little over an hour? I've never been up there. Them big cities scare us little country bumpkins.

Ya know, you'd think they'd be trying to upsell me with gadgets to go with my plain ol' milspec? What's psa? Originally Posted by Doodle. When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk. Palmetto State Armory. They sell lowers for Around Christmas time they had lowers on sale for I've seen a couple of threads here where "jonconsiglio" said they were actually a pretty decent gun. Superhouse Goundbreaking sale with never before seen prices.

PSA Coupon codes?

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PSA Coupon codes?

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PSA Coupon codes?

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Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Virginia - Nov Related reddits now found in the FAQ. If you have ordered from Palmetto State Armory recently, check your credit card statement. I inquired with their customer service department and the response I got was basically "Sometimes our site charges your card for items in your cart, and doesn't create an order.

We are sorry and we will refund the charges. I have never used this card to purchase anything from their site it may be saved under my account, but I've never ordered anything. I guess it pays to discover This is why I have a separate account for ordering online. I only transfer enough money to it to cover what I am ordering. You should only use a credit card when ordering online. Otherwise you lose the ability to have the merchant charged back if you don't receive the order, or something else goes wrong with the order. Weird, and it eventually took care of itself.

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They probably authorized it and then charged separately, rather than converting the authorization to purchase. As a software guy by trade, this makes my head hurt. How is something like this a known problem but not corrected? They were very helpful when I bought from them.

One of them even went down to the warehouse and got my serial before my lower shipped so I could run the , wait my 10 days and pick it up before vacation. Appreciated, but it's also very illegal.